List of Bessie B. Legarda Memorial Foundation Awardees

The roster of awardees from year 2000 to present, includes:

Year Awardees
2013 Malou Samson Ms. Ma. Lourdes Samson, Vice President for Training and Sales Development of Generali Philippines
2012 Meanne Solomon Ms. Michelle Dayrit-Soliven, writer and columnist
2011 Meanne Solomon Ms. Mary Anne "Meanne" Alcordo-Solomon, a Rotarian and an active member of the "I Can Serve" support group.
2010 Patty Betita Patty Betita, beauty queen and supermodel
2009 Suzette Andrews Suzette Andrews-Romero, breast cancer survivor and founder of the Big C Magazine
2008 Tessie Tobiano Tessie Tobiano, breast cancer survivor
2007 Tessie Pamintuan Tessie Pamintuan, breast cancer survivor
2006 Maritoni Fernandez Maritoni Fernandez, actress
2005 Bibeth Orteza Bibeth Orteza, artist and scriptwriter
2004 Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, journalist and Head of the Breast Cancer support group I Can Serve Foundation
2003 Korina Sanchez Korina Sanchez, broadcast journalist
2002 Dr. Diana Cua Dr. Diana Cua, pioneering breast cancer surgeon
2001 Linda Panutat, Head of Breast Cancer support group Bossom Buddies
2000 Dr. Stefanie Jeffrey, Head of Stanford Medical Center’s Breast Cancer Center